Why Diets Do Not Work

Let me tell you why diets do not work!  For decades we have been chasing that magic number on the scale or that perfect figure that we see in the magazines and Instagram yet we are still running around in circles trying to fit into our skinny jeans or be...

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Hormones and Metabolism: An interview with Kim Schaper

Nutrition and exercise are a huge part of the equation when it comes to overall health but there are often two things that coaches and doctors miss:  hormones and metabolism.  Hormones have a huge effect on us, especially women, as we age.  From the age of...

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Pre and Post Workout Fuel: What Should I Eat?

As a coach I get asked all of the time about what to eat before and after a high intensity workout like Orangetheory or CrossFit.  The simple answer:  protein and carbs.  The more complicated answer involves a precise number of grams of protein and carbs...

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Protein Bars: My Top Picks

Last week I wrote about protein and how important it is for our bodies and our health.  I suggested that eating protein bars is a great way to squeeze in extra protein each day.  There are so many different options so I figured I would share my favorites...

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Protein: The Golden Child of Macronutrients

Hitting protein numbers is the most common issue my reverse diet clients struggle with.  There are literally hundreds and hundreds of protein powders, supplements, and bars out there to choose from so it is no surprise that the nutrition world places the highest...

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Why Meal Plans Suck

Meal plans.  The fitness and nutrition industry has been prescribing meal plans for a long long time.  Many potential clients have come to expect to be told exactly what to eat and exactly when to eat it in the hopes that magical changes will happen....

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Raising the Intuitive Eater

Intuitive Eating is a lifelong journey that does not have to begin when you have already been suffering from the yo-yo dieting cycle for 30 years.  It is something that can be taught and encouraged from an early age.  Our relationship with food begins from...

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Reverse Dieting: What, Why, and How

Diet culture puts such a heavy emphasis on losing weight and often the most important piece of the puzzle is ignored either before or after the process of dieting begins.  Enter the reverse diet. What is a reverse diet? Put simply it is the opposite of a diet. A...

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Macros: to track or not to track

These days you would be hard pressed not to run across a post on Instagram or Facebook about tracking macros and calories. Usually the post portrays a woman with a six pack and promises that you can eat whatever you want and get that body. Before I get started on my...

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Food Freedom: from restriction to food neutralization

I am by no means a dietician or expert on intuitive eating. My experience working towards food freedom comes from some of my reading on the topic as well as my own journey to becoming an intuitive eater.  I have been obsessed with food and weight since...

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About Farrah

Hi ya’ll! I’m Farrah. I am a simple yet complicated, tell it like it is girl, trying to make a difference in this world one banana at a time. This blog is not about the ins and outs of every banana species but it is about eating carbs, taking chances, and maybe even some funny and embarrassing life lessons.  I am a mom, wife, friend, personal trainer, coach at Orangetheory Fitness, and nutrition coach who believes that food freedom and self acceptance are the keys to genuine happiness.  I am unapologetically myself and hope to inspire others to be the same.

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