Working with Farrah was one of the best things I EVER did for myself! I have always had food issues and weight insecurities. After I began exercising, I would have never thought that my issue was not eating enough! Farrah wasn’t just a coach who told me everything I was doing was wrong, she related to me and made the process easy and made the goals achievable. She was always there if I had any questions and always checked in on me! I am now able to be confident in myself for the first time in 32 years. I am confident in her process, in what I eat and why, and my ability to live my life so much happier and easier without constantly being worried about food. I have been able to maintain a healthier, even higher, weight than before, I am sleeping like a baby and I have more patience and am less moody! Farrah’s extreme knowledge and passion for her clients shows in everything she does! Take the advice and eat the damn banana!

Brooke M.